Our goal at Northwell Health’s Usability Lab is to help clinical providers and social scientists expand and improve the way we deliver evidence-based healthcare to patients.

This site showcases user-friendly clinical decision support (CDS), and robust information with multiple clinical prediction rules and usability tool kit. This will help serve as a means for clinical institutions to implement, integrate and disseminate CDS through a sustainable model. Our hope is that these tools and practices can become an integral part of everyday medical practices and systems, not because they have to, but because they make sense, and drastically improve efficiency and accuracy.

Northwell Health’s Usability Lab has worked on numerous projects to develop, usability test, and integrate CDS tools into various electronic medical record (EMR) systems. We have a proven track record that our methods and tools improve the integration of CDS into EMR and uptake of tools. Our success is attributed to the multiple iterations of rapid pilot testing and incorporation of feedback to design a tool that is user-friendly and valuable.


Usability Lab’s mission is to help healthcare organizations integrate complex forms of clinical decision support (CDS) tools at the point of care.

By sharing our tools, protocols, and best practices in developing and integrating CDS tools, we hope to increase clinicians’ use of the best evidence based CDS, thereby 1) increasing quality and 2) decreasing unnecessary treatment and testing.