Thomas McGinn, MD, MPH

Adjunct Professor, Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, Northwell Health
Senior Faculty, Department of Medicine, Section of Health Services Research, Baylor College of Medicine
System Executive Vice President, Physician Enterprise, CommonSpirit Health

Dr. McGinn has been recognized nationally and internationally for his pioneering work in evidence based medicine (EBM) and deriving and validating clinical prediction rules. Dr. McGinn’s work focuses on improving primary care systems by applying his expertise in EBM and the implementation of highly utilized and clinically impactful integrated clinical decision support.

Safiya Richardson, MD,MPH

Assistant Professor, Center for Health Innovations and Outcomes Research, Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research
Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Dr. Safiya Richardson is interested in health information technology as an efficient and effective means of disseminating high grade clinical evidence. After completing her training in Internal Medicine she decided to pursue research focused on developing evidence based clinical decision support. Working under the mentorship of Dr. Thomas McGinn, she has participated in several projects focused on bringing evidence based medicine to the clinical point of care using the electronic health record.

Michael Diefenbach, PhD

Center Head, Center for Health Innovations and Outcomes Research
Professor, Departments of Medicine and Urology

Dr. Diefenbach’s research has focused on exploring psychosocial issues including the assessment of cognitive and affective factors in reaction to disease and treatment, and influence on treatment decision making. His research has alternated between the assessment of these basic psychological phenomena and the development of applied interventions based on basic findings. His experience in designing theory-based interventions and managing large-scale national trials makes him an influential member of the implementation team.

Jeffrey Solomon, BFA

Senior Director, Usability Lab

Mr. Solomon is a technology and software specialist with experience managing the development of innovative digital solutions in various industries, including finance, marketing, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. He serves as Senior Director of the Usability Lab at the Center for Health Innovations and Outcomes Research (CHIOR), where he oversees projects involving the development of clinical decision support (CDS) software, as well as usability testing.

Sundas Khan, MD

Senior Administrative Manager, Usability Lab

Dr. Khan supports and oversees daily administrative research operations. She has extensive experience in coordinating administrative functions, planning and supporting development of research projects in the area of evidence based medicine and clinical decision support. She has co-authored multiple publications in the field of clinical decision support and usability testing. She serves as an expert reviewer for journals in these respective fields. She also strives to streamline operations and effectively apply new concepts and techniques for positive outcomes in research projects.

Katherine Dauber-Decker, PhD

Research Associate, Usability Lab

Dr. Dauber-Decker is a Research Associate in the Usability Lab at Northwell Health. Her role includes coordinating usability testing studies, running usability testing sessions, and analyzing qualitative and quantitative usability data. Dr. Dauber-Decker has expertise in patient and provider recruitment, usability testing and data analysis, and IRB protocol development.

Fatima Malik, MHA

Clinical Research Assistant, Usability Lab

Ms. Malik joined the Usability Lab as a Research Assistant in August of 2020. She has an administrative background that involves working with the EMR and with different departments within Northwell. Ms. Malik’s role has been essential in supporting the rest of the Usability Lab with study recruitment, usability sessions, and data management.

Soheb Osmani,

Visiting Scholar, Usability Lab

Mr. Osmani joined the Usability Lab as a Visiting Scholar in December 2020. He is currently studying data science and economics at the College of William and Mary and anticipates graduating in May 2022. Mr. Osmani brings experience in data science, with a focus on machine learning analytics and derivate models. He has previously developed analysis for the United Nations, Big Pharma Institutions, and Real Estate Development Firms.