Tuberculosis Clinical Prediction Rule

The goal of the model is to allow adequate respiratory precautions on hospital admission of contagious patients while minimizing the isolation of patients without Tuberculosis.

TB risk factors or chronic symptoms (history of exposure to an individual with TB, institutionalization in last 3 years, homelessness, significant weight loss, night sweats for minimum of 3 weeks, symptoms of malaise or weakness for more than 3 months, persistent fever, presence of cough, hemoptysis)
+ 4
Positive PPD tuberculin test result
+ 5
Shortness of breath
+ 3
Crackles noted during examination
Upper lobe consolidation
+ 6
Probability Of Tuberculosis
(Assuming a positive culture prevalence of 2%)
Based on a score of 0 out of 21
  • Risk scores of -6 to 0 make Tuberculosis an unlikely diagnosis and isolation of the patient is not suggested.
  • Risk scores of 1-21 can be suggestive of Tuberculosis. Consider airborne isolation of the patient and proceed with diagnostic testing for Tuberculosis including AFB smears and sputum cultures.