Focus Groups


Focus groups will ascertain current usage, understanding, and perspectives regarding clinical prediction rules and subsequent development of tool. Information is collected from experts in the field and key stakeholders who will eventually become end users of the tool.


Study members present at the focus group will include at least two members of the team (i.e. an investigator and project manager). A detailed email invitation from an investigator regarding the focus group discussion is sent to help gather a small group of healthcare providers with roughly equal distribution of attendings, residents, physician assistants, and/or nurse practitioners. During the session, the focus group is facilitated by the investigator who will explain at the beginning of the session the purpose and format of the discussion. The estimated duration of each session will be 90 minutes and conducted in a small group room. Participation is voluntary and participants will be informed that they have the right to withdraw from the session at any time if they feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. All sessions are tape-recorded and transcribed for later analyses. Following the conclusion of the focus group, participants are asked to complete the post-session questionnaire to obtain basic demographics and user preference.

Material List

  • Audio recorder
  • Writing pad and pen
  • nVivo (a qualitative analysis program)
  • Moderator script
  • Focus group questions
  • Copies of post session questionnaire